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Welcome to the ParkerMaths AS Level and A Level resource page for the AQA exam board.

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Below you can find the following resources:

Exam Dates

Recommended Equipment

AQA Formula Booklet: List of Formulae and Statistical Tables


Official AQA Past Exam Papers

  • Past Papers and Mark Schemes.
  • Written Solutions and Video Solutions (where available).


Revise a Specific Module

    Core 3 | Core 4 | Decision 1 | Mechanics 1

  • Find out what you need to know (learning objectives).
  • Watch video tutorials on each topic.
  • Basic questions and exam style question on each topic.
  • Past paper questions sorted by topic.


Past Paper Questions Sorted By Topic

    Core 3 | Core 4 | | Decision 1| Mechanics 1

  • Find a past paper question on a specific topic (with mark scheme and written solutions).
  • Questions are ranked by difficulty (where written solutions exist).


Revision Strategies and Tips



AQA AS/A2 Mathematics Exam Dates (2018)

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Recommended Equipment


Here are some links to good quality calculators that you may find useful for A-Level Maths Exams.

The Casio FX-991EX Scientific Calculator has all the standard functions of a standard scientific calculator, including giving answers in exact form. In addition, it can also perform numerical integration, numerical differentiation, solve simultaneous equations and solve quadratic equations.

The Casio FX-9750GII Graphics Calculator is a budget graphics calculator. Graphical calculators can be useful when trying to visualise problems, but are not essential for A-Level Maths. This model doesn't display exact values like most modern scientific calculators, so it would be wise to have a modern scientific calculator in addition to this model.


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Revision - Where to Start


Once you have finished learning the course content, it is time to consider how you are going to revise for the upcoming exams. The two things that will determine the effectiveness of your revision are as follows:

Dedication - Are you putting in enough hours? Are you focused and motivated.

Efficiency - Do you have good resources? Are you revising the topics you need to?


I would recommend the following strategy for revising for A-Level maths exams.

Complete Past Papers

Complete as many past papers as possible. Start with the official AQA past papers. If you run out, there are other practise papers you can also attempt. Use our 'past paper questions by topic' page to find questions from other exam boards that are relevant.

Identify your weaknesses.

Don't spend time working on topics you are already confident with. Practise the topics that you struggle with. If you are strong with all topics, practise the most difficult past paper questions that come towards the end of the papers. This may include questions from other exam boards.

Use the video tutorials to better understand topics.

In our revision section, you will find links to instructional videos on most topics from a variety of sources. Make notes on key points that aren't intuitive to you.

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