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Year 1 Maths

Week 26 Task Page

Week Commencing: 20-4-20

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Week 26 Tasks

Checkist for submitting work:

Submit all work from the tasks below.

Use Adobe Scan to sumbmit work.

Create/print a front sheet using the task headings below.

Submit tasks in the order given.

Ensure all tasks are marked and corrected.

Submit by: Thursday 30/4/20

Lecture 1 ▸ Tuesday 21-4-20 ▸ 1.30pm

Complete the work covered in Tuesday's lecture.

Lecture 2 ▸ Friday 24-4-20 ▸ 1.30pm

Complete the work covered in Friday's lecture.

Task 1: Flipped Learning Notes - Functions

Use the video playlist below to make notes on variable acceleration.

Task 2: DrFrostMaths - Functions

Complete the DrFrostMaths task set on functions.

Task 3: Exam Questions

Complete Q1-10 in exam conditions.

Task 4: DrFrostMaths - Mixed Questions

Complete the DrFrostMaths task set on mixed topics.

Task 5: Textbook Questions

Complete Q6, 7, 9, 11 from Mixed Practice 8 in the year 1 textbook.

Further Practice Questions

(a) Complete the following questions from IYGB MP1 Paper L:

(b) Complete the following optional DrFrostMaths task:

Enrichment Task (Optional):

Steve Mould - In this video on Steve’s YouTube Channel we are introduced to his eponymous mathematical and scientific curiosity, 'The Mould Effect': https://youtu.be/_dQJBBklpQQ


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