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Bilborough College | Year 1 Maths

Week 7 (Week Commencing 21-10-19)

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Week 7 Homework Tasks

Week 7 Homework Task Sheet

Task 0: Folder Organisation

Ensure that your folder is organised by completing the following:

  • All notes and practice questions are in the correct section of your folder.
    • Don’t keep your notes in a pad of paper – you won’t be able to find them quickly when required.
  • All tasks in your folder have an appropriate heading.
    • Avoid generic headings like “Maths” and “Homework”.
  • Any exam practice questions from homework tasks are in the “Mixed exam practice” section of your folder.
    • I will print the question sheets for these if you don’t have them.
  • All examples are completed on the printed notes sheets from previous lessons.
    • Use the PowerPoints on the course page to help.


Task 1: Flipped Learning - Equation of a Circle

Use the videos below to learn about the equation of a circle.

Task 2: Flipped Learning - DrFrostMaths

Complete the DrFrostMaths task set on the equation of a circle.

  • Ensure you have completed all of tasks 1 before beginning.
  • Complete your answers on paper in case any corrections are required.
  • Question sheet.
  • Check and correct your answers using DrFrostMaths.

Task 3: Peer Marked Homework 2 Corrections

Correct any mistakes or questions you didn't complete from Peer Marked Homework 2.

  • Use a different colour pen to annotate your solutions for simple mistakes.
  • For more significant mistakes, reattempt the question using the 'Typical Solution' column of the mark scheme.
  • Hand in your solutions along with your questions.
  • Questions | Solutions (to be released after Friday's lessons)

Task 4: Mixed Exam Practice

Complete the exam questions in exam conditions.

Task 5: Practice Questions

(b) Complete the following questions from Mixed Practice 17:

  • Q2, 5, 6, 8
  • Check and correct your answers using the solutions provided.


Task 6: Further Practice Questions

(a) Attempt the more challenging questions from the worksheet below:

Enrichment Task (Optional): N/A

There is no enrichment task this week.


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