Listed below are the category headings for the Algebra resources. To view the available resources, click on the Relevant heading. Resources will be loaded in a new browser tab.


Useful Tools - Interactive Resources    

Coordinate Grid Generator - Use this resource to create a custom coordinate grid. Use Smart Notebook to draw over the top of it or use the camera to import it as an image.

Note: I am already aware that it doesn't like xMin > 0 and yMin > 0. This will be rectified in the next version

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  Function Machines - Worksheets    

Function Machines: Worksheet | Solutions

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Linear Equations - Interactive Resources    

Linear Equations Generator - Generates and checks solutions to two-step linear equations.


Linear Equations - Smart Notebook Files    

Introduction to Linear Equations: Notebook


Linear Equations - Worksheets    

Linear Equations Matchup: Worksheet | Solutions

Linear Equations in Boxes: Worksheet | Solutions

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Quadratic Equations - Smart Notebook Files    

The Quadratic Formula: Notebook


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Sequences - Interactive Resources    

Nth Term Sequence Generator

Generates a linear sequence with nth term formula and extension question.


Sequences - Worksheets    

Coming soon...

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