A Level Maths Teaching Resources

Retrieval Practice

Y2 Self-Testing Sheets

Please note: These are a first generation resources - I have used them once and not refined them yet.

Each testing sheet has a paired in-class test version (same/similar questions in a different order). These are not publicly available, but if you email me I can send them.

Equation of a Circle

Flipped Learning Task - Equation of a Circle


Flipped Learning Task - The Chain Rule


Flipped Learning Task - Integration by Parts

Video Playlist: parkermaths.com/y2parts (5 videos)

Printed Notes Sheet

DrFrostMaths followup task (account required).


Flipped Learning Task - Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions

Video Playlist: parkermaths.com/y2trig1 (9 videos)

Week 1

Printed Notes Sheet 1

DrFrostMaths followup task (account required).

Week 2

Printed Notes Sheet 2

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