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Andy Parker

I teach maths at a large Sixth Form College in Nottinghamshire. I also have a whole-college data role. As I only teach A-Level, this gives me more time than most to work on higher quality resources than would otherwise be possible.

I have recently reduced my hours so that I can focus on resource creation and tutoring. I am a passionate believer that a flipped/blended learning approach can improve outcomes for students. However, I think as a profession we have only begun to scratch the surface of best practice.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning about computer programming, lifting weights and spending time with my family (especially my wife, who is beautiful and amazing. She also sometimes proof-reads things for me).

I am actually much balder than this photo implies.

All the best,

Andy Parker


YouTube: YouTube.com/ParkerMaths

Twitter: @ParkerMaths

Email: andy@parkermaths.com , andy.parker@bilborough.ac.uk

Instagram: I'm 37...I don't have Instagram.