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Andy Parker

I created this website to help students learn A level Mathematics and prepare for the examinations. I believe passionately that educational resources should be freely available and anyone who is willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to improve should have access to the resources needed to help them do so.

I teach maths at Bilborough Sixth Form College in Nottinghamshire. I also have a whole-college data role. As I only teach A-Level, this gives me more time than most to work on higher quality resources than would otherwise be possible.

I have recently reduced my hours (to 3 days a week) so that I can focus on resource creation and tutoring. I am a passionate believer that a flipped/blended learning approach can improve outcomes for students. However, I think as a profession we have only begun to scratch the surface of best practice.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning about computer programming, lifting weights and spending time with my family (especially my wife, who is beautiful, amazing and proof-read this page).

I am actually much balder than this photo implies.

All of the resources on this site are free and will always be free. If you appreciate the time and effort that goes into maintaining this site, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share it with anyone who you think may find it useful.

All the best,

Andy Parker


YouTube: YouTube.com/ParkerMaths

Twitter: @ParkerMaths

Email: andy@parkermaths.com , andy.parker@bilborough.ac.uk

Instagram: I'm 36...I don't have Instagram.