Getting Started

Setting up for your first session.


This page contains instructions on getting set up for your initial consultation or tuition sessions. If you're looking to book an initial consultation, see the bookings page.

To take part in the initial consultation, you will need to have Zoom (video conferencing software) installed on your device. You may also want to create a free BitPaper account to get a better feel for how online tuition works.

The instructions below will take you through the installation process. Don't worry if you have any problems - I'm happy to provide extensive tech support.


Zoom video conferencing software is free and works on almost any device. All online tuition sessions take place over zoom. It allows the student and tutor to see each other and I can also share my screen with the student.

Zoom provide detailed help to get you up and running in their 'getting started' guide:

Before your initial consultation, all you need to do is install the software and create an account. Once this is done I will send you a link to follow to join the 'meeting' for the initial consultation.

Don't worry if you have any difficulties following the 'getting started' guides – I am happy to help with tech support.


BitPaper is an online collaborative whiteboard. Using BitPaper allows me to discuss the maths with the student and enables us both to write on the 'paper' at the same time. This is much more effective than the student trying to explain to me what to write.

It is not essential that you create an account before your initial consultation, but many students like to get a feel for how it works during the consultation.

BitPaper is entirely online, so there is no software to install. You simply need to sign up and create a free 'paper'. Any difficulties signing up or creating a paper can be sorted during the initial consultation if required.

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