Sending Your Homework

Year 1 Students

Sending Your Homework

This page contains detailed instruction on submitting the week 1 homework.

If you are unable to succesfully complete the task, please get in touch on teams.

So that you can follow the instructions on your phone, it would be a sensible idea to load this page on a computer screen (where possible).


This guide will walk you through the process of inserting your work as a printout into OneNote. My main priority for this week is to ensure that everyone can do this 100% correctly. This may mean I ask some people to resubmit the work with minor changes.

To reduce the chance of being asked to resubmit your work, please read the instructions below carefully.

Scanning Your Work

Before scanning, ensure you have collected together all of the required work and it is in the right order.

Front Sheet

Ensure you have completed the front sheet, ticking off the tasks you have completed. Add in comments on any tasks where relevant (you do not need to write something for every task).

Tasks to submit

The following tasks need to be sumbitted electronically:

  • Front Sheet
  • Surds Remote Lesson
  • Practice Questions
  • Further Practice Questions

You do not need to submit the tasks on factorising quadratics or completing the square.

Headings and Marking

  • Ensure that all tasks have a clear heading at the top that is the same as the heading written on the front sheet.
  • Make sure that questions are numbered.
  • Work should be marked and corrected in a different colour pen.

Page Orientation

Check that all scanned pages are the correct way up. Pages can be rotated by tapping the "rotate button" (see screenshot below). This can be done either straight after scanning, or you can reload a file that was previouly scanned by tapping the file and then tapping "modify".

You can also reorder pages in this window using the 'reorder' button.

Using OneNote

  • Open the OneNote app.
  • Usually this loads to 'Recent Pages' (heading at the top). If so, press the arrow in the top left corner.
  • If your class is shown, load the notebook by tapping it. If it is not shown, tap 'More Notebooks'.

Note: For some users, no notebooks show up. If this is the case, follow these instructions on how to load the notebook for the first time using Teams.

Once inside the notebook, tap 'Week 1' (obviously you choose the appropriate week if it's not week 1 you are submitting.

Then tap 'Unititled Page' (you can rename this if you like).

Tap anywhere inside the page to make the keyboard pop up.

Then tap the 'paperclip' icon.


You are now given the option to insert files. Tap the hamburger icon (three lines in the top left corner and choose Adobe Scan.

Next you need to select the appropriate file. If you have a lot, it can help to tap 'Name' and change to 'Modified'. Then change the up arrow to a down arrow (see screenshot below). This will sort your scans from oldest to newest.

Tap the file you want to insert and choose 'Insert Printout'.

That's it - you're done.

Accessing OneNote through Teams

If you are having difficulty accessing your class notebook, it may help to access it for the first time through Teams. After doing this once it should then show up in OneNote in future.

  • Open the Teams app.
  • Tap 'Teams'.
  • Tap your class and then 'General'.

Tap 'More', then tap 'Class Notebook'.

Once you have done this the class notebook should be accessible. You should now be able to follow the instructions above.