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Year 1 Students

Overview / Latest News

Quick link to this page: parkermaths.com/year1maths

The menu at the bottom of the pagein the sidebar can be used to navigate the course page.

Lesson Resources

PowerPoints and video tutorials can be accessed in the 'lesson resources' section. The vast majority of resources are suitable for all exam boards. Where this is not the case it will be clearly stated.

Bilborough College Students

Homework can be found in the sidebar under 'Bilborough College'.

Formal Assessment 2

The following topics could potentially appear on Formal Assessment 2:

  • Straight Line Graphs
  • Surds/Indices
  • Quadratics
  • Graph Transformations
  • Polynomials
  • Circles
  • Vectors
  • Forces
  • Travel Graphs
  • Constant Acceleration Equations
  • Sine/Cosine Rule
  • Probability
  • Statistical Distributions