Useful Documents

Admin for A Level Maths

Student Questionnaire (Start of the year)

At the beginning of this year I use a version of the questionnaire above to collect data about students in my classes. It helps me to get to know them and also comes in useful later in the year for any one-to-one conversations/reviews I have with the student.

Special thanks to @BilboroughChemistry who gave me some of their questions and to @DrStoneMaths for the helpful grades table.

Folder Divider Headings

During the first lesson with students each year, our department chooses to give all students a folder and a set of 20 dividers for free (we use these ones from ESPO). We then get students to complete the front sheet showing which section each numbered divider heading represents.

I have found this makes a huge difference for students in terms of organising their work throughout the year. Students are able to much more quickly find notes on specific topics (than when we used to use generic headings like 'Pure'). It is especially helpful for students who tend to be otherwise disorganised.

It's so refreshing to be able to say to a student 'find your notes on the chain rule' and then be discussing the examples in them in 10 seconds time!

Top tips for folders:

  • Develop a habit of discussing with students which section of their folder each piece of work belongs in.
  • Use printed sheets with clear headings where possible to further improve the efficiency of locating notes within a folder.