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Simultaneous Equations


Part 1: Notes

  • Complete Section 6 (Simultaneous Equations) from the lesson on Quadratics.
  • Write your answers on the printed notes sheet.
  • Put completed notes in your Algebra and Functions section.

Part 2: Key Skills

  • Complete the key skills task set on Dr Frost Maths:
    • Solve simultaneous linear equations requiring rearrangement.
    • Solve non-linear simultaneous equations.
  • Use the detailed written solutions to correct any mistakes (use a different colour pen).
  • A success rate of 3 out of the last 4 for each skill is required to pass the task.


Suggested time:

  • Notes: 30 minutes.
  • Key Skills: 30-45 minutes.

Extra Support:

Video solutions will appear here if requested.

For maths/technical support email andy@parkermaths.com